James Lowe

Are You Receiving Me?

Welcome, old friends, new friends, welcome travellers, passers by, curious onlookers. Welcome those that have time to listen.

Are you receiving me?

"Shh. Wait a minute. What’s that? No, I’m too busy. Maybe next week. Damn. What did you say? Never mind. Need to charge my phone, anyone seen my charger? What’s the wifi password, anyone? This signal is useless…"

There’s no signal here. Not in the conventional sense that we all understand it these days. The latest chapter of my life has seen me move to the magical place that is Glen Affric in the Highlands. My mobile phone doesn’t work. No-one’s phone works. The signal, however, in another way… stronger than any place I’ve encountered on earth. If you listen carefully, you can hear it…..peace. Epic, graceful, ancient, eternal calm. Even when the wind is howling and the rain is lashing. Tranquility that quiets the mind and transforms a life, if you let it in. The universe talks to you here. It is talking to me, talking to the quiet parts of the mind we often forget to pay heed when we’re leading our busy 21st century lives. Some say that the subconscious informs our creativity more powerfully than anything else, if we can find a way to let it. I have found a place in this calm, to let it. So lets go be creative. I hope you will enjoy sharing the harvest of calm, in whatever form it takes, on this latest adventure in my musical life x

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