James Lowe

Welcome to the website of Scottish singer-songwriter James Lowe.

Inspiration follows the traveller. How we choose to inhabit our place in the world, and our ability to see a changing world with fresh eyes, brings fresh impetus and reawakens creativity. This is certainly the case for itinerant Scottish singer-songwriter James Lowe. His independently produced debut album 'radio friendly’ and follow-up ‘midshore’ are drawn from, and reflect life in, respectively, a listless corporate city life in Edinburgh, and a quieter time to gather his thoughts while gazing from a harbour-front townhouse in St. Monans, Fife. Now his wandering has taken him to the remote and spectacular Glen Affric in the Highlands of Scotland. New horizons for new inspiration. Work is underway on a new album, tentatively titled ‘brick by beautiful brick’.

James has performed live for Edinburgh city stations Forth One and Forth 2 as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; he hit the airwaves on RUV (the Icelandic equivalent of the BBC) while in Reykjavik to perform. He has been play-listed across seven stations in the French Alps, recorded live sessions for Northsound 1 in Aberdeen and was featured live on BBC Radio Scotland’s show, ‘The Radio Café’.


Are You Receiving Me?

Welcome, old friends, new friends, welcome travellers, passers by, curious onlookers. Welcome those that have time to listen.Are you receiving me?"Shh. Wait a minute. What’s that? No, I’m too busy. Maybe next week. Damn. What did you say? Never mind. Need to charge my phone, anyone seen my charger? What’s the wifi password, anyone? This signal is useless…"There’s no signal here. Not in the conventional sense that we all understand it these days. The latest chapter of my life has seen ...
Beautiful… and indeed very radio friendly…
Janice Forsyth, The Radio Cafe, BBC Radio Scotland
One of the most promising musicians on the capital’s music scene... don’t miss this rising star.
Edinburgh Evening News
Nice little mixture of Scott Matthews, Alex Lloyd and Elliot Smith in there. It's all good.
Kevin Smith, Northsound Radio